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Roving Hotel anticipating a futuristic concept provides a short-term voyage to achieve an innovative space vacation cruise. Different from scientific and engineering missions, roving hotels are foreseen to host vacationers and their amusement activities in weightlessness with a wonderful new adventure and an enjoyable vacation environment, which would minimize negative physiological impacts of microgravity at the same time that can satisfy curiosity of fantasy for tourists.

[Shackleton Crater, Moon]

Future Lunar Habitat Design



This project is about building new ecological, dimensional communities in the desert. Through desert management, this could be a site for designed future living bases for those who want to bring “life” back to the desert.

This project aims to create a living system for inhabitants who are adapted to the desert. It will also allow for further planting tasks as long-term solutions, and interventions to lessen global desertification. Through the integration of future mechanical technologies, people will strive to create a world in which desertification can be prevented, and eventually stopped by ending the vicious cycle of environmental deterioration.

[Mojave Desert, United States]

Coming Soon : ]

New Ecological Dimension Communities Design



Suicide has become a serious and extremely costly global health problem, affecting people of different ages, cultures, and socioeconomic groups.


The exhibit creates a “space of consciousness”, that allows the audience to develop an understanding of sympathy by recognizing another person’s suffering. The audience is led through a visceral experience trying to evoke a feeling of deep empathy for the struggles, fears and pain a suicidal person faces everyday. Through this emotional experience this exhibition tries to promote a consciousness for people to take care of themselves within others, thus building a deeper human connection based on care and understanding.

[Toyko, Japan]

Educational Exhibition Design



An immersive experience for High School runners to learn about themselves, train with advanced technology, and explore the future. UnderArmour will protect and educate runners as their limits are pushed to new heights. Project is creating a brand-centric, authentic “Future Run Experience” through footwear, apparel, retail space and visuals.

[Santa Monica, California]

Under Armour Sponsored Project



Aēsop boutique resort believes a single experience can define a future lifestyle. A nourishment process provides each guest with the space to liberate themselves through total relaxation under meticulous protection. The entire journey creates a serene escape, and helps guests nourish their inner life and values.

[Palm Springs, California]

Boutique Resort Design



“UNDERCOVER’’ is a thematic dining experience with cuisines made from the unknown sea creatures, in partnership with Chef Angel Leon, with the goal of acquainting the knowledge of unmapped underwater realm through obscure blockage of visuality gives rise to the sense of taste, use the unique representation of unknown underwater biomass with enormous nutrition and gastronomic skills that deliver relentless delightfully and an immersive dining environment (atmosphere) that created by advanced technologies. So, guests who are keen to learn about the undiscovered underwater world can explore and reveal the mystery of it not only through their senses but also through their spirit.

[Malibu, California]

Thematic Dining Design



“Walk in the park” is an experience that calls for greater reliance on linguistic interpretation of natural, emotional and bodily experience. By building nature into the urban fabric to rewiring pedestrian experience and reconnecting nature and urban relationship. Rewiring and reconnecting are emphasized in this design, offering visitors fertile ground for the expansion of the mind and body. As nature increasingly becomes a distant place for humans plugged into the busy world, the project “Walk in the park” encourages direct engagement with the natural cycles of nature and reconnects humans to the ecological world.

[Grand Central Market, Los Angeles]

Sustainable Pocket Park Design



“Gantri, from click to brick, that sucessfully illuminates the design process from designer to consumer.” Gantri retail store founded a platform that illumine the path from designers to consumers of 3D printed light by providing a space where the people can experiment the tangible process of table lamp production. By go through the space, it can be see how a dream come true and get how designer’s blurry ideation to fully developed product. While study up the process of design and learning the design mindset, it will get inspired and encourage you into the design world.

[Art District, Los Angeles]

Retail + Co-Working Design



[    ] stool explore purely industrial furniture that produced by use of die-aluminum casting and gas-assisted injection molding for plastic. The use of geometric form and symmetrical structure convey the overall aesthetic of the piece. The seemingly sculptured volumes and crisp lines are contrasted by use of large curated radiuses. This results in a visual tension and contrast throughout the form.

[Balanced Aesthetic With Function]

Furniture Design 


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