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Retail + Co-Working Design

Click To Brick

Art District, Los Angeles

“Gantri, from click to brick,that sucessfully illuminates the design process from designer to consumer.”


Gantri retail store founded a platform that illumine the path from designers to consumers of 3D printed light by providing a space where the people can experiment the tangible process of table lamp production. By go through the space, it can be see how a dream come true and get how designer’s blurry ideation to fully developed product. While study up the process of design and learning the design mindset, it will get inspired and encourage you into the design world.


Gantri is a marketplace for original designer lighting. Their lights are created by independent designers around the world. The manufacture using 3D printing and ship directly to customers, making high design more attainable and sustainable. It represents their vision for how premium and original designs can be developed, made and sold using their own digital technologies.


Art District, Los Angeles

The LA Arts District is a neighborhood on the eastern edge of Downtown Los Angeles, California, United States. The gritty area has given new life to old industrial buildings whose history often dates to the early 20th century. While much of the early creative art was done behind closed doors, the street scene has slowly been activated in the early years of the 21st century as more and more factories are creatively reused with some new construction interspersed.


Gantri typeface cut gap persent as crack, which is the place the light can glowing.



Crystallization, the crystal formed by many pieces layering together. This is related Gantri’s foundation too, which is build a platform that cooperate with different distinct designer and solid their work together. And finally construct a new path that can lead more and more designer and consumer join to Gantri. 

Joint of structure



01 Entrance

02 Sketch And 3D print Gallery

03 Lighting Experience Hallway

04 Checkout

05 Storage

06 Co-Working Space










Design Gallery / 3D Print Factory

The space is full of the blurry and dimmig light. Walk throught this space could having an “conversation” with different designer. The whole gallery circulated by the sketches that on the intricate wall. When they shuttle back and forth in this space with a feeling of anticipation. After this long narrow and irregular way exploration, They would be feel impressive by a whole wall display the working 3D printer. 

final render.jpg
render 2.jpg

Lighting Experience Hallway

Then, people will turn into a dark tunnel hallway. 
The walk through experience is the changing 
dims light shot in from the opening on the wall. 

Co-Working Space

Mezzanine provides “try out” experience. Customer take time to “interacting” with the Gantri’s light or  work at here.

render 5.jpg


01 Chroma Clear

02 PVC Plastic Pipe

03 Matte | SatinTech™ Etched Glass

04 Sensitile White Terrazzo

05 Decorative Laminated Glass

06 Translucent skin of PTFE Foil

07 Stainless Steel Metal


Monochrome-1633341379585 copy.jpg
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